Blooming & Drying

Cannabis Plants in Conviron Growth House™


Developing Blooms

During the final vegetative growth stage, cannabis plants require high light intensities and longer daylight cycles to establish desired plant mass and root base prior to blooming. Once flowering is triggered by shortening the light cycle and reducing temperature, flowers start to develop resins containing THC and CBD, during which time humidity must be kept low to prevent mold from forming on the buds.

The Conviron Growth House™ provides the precision of a growth chamber with the capacity of a greenhouse to deliver a reliable and cost-effective environment for vegetative growth and flowering of cannabis at a commercial scale, offering an ideal combination of lighting, temperature, humidity and CO2 control. High pressure sodium and ceramic metal halide lighting provide 800μmol of light to the plant canopy. When configured with an active dehumidification system, the Growth House controls the environment down to 40% RH to prevent mold formation on the buds.

40-60% RH


800 μmol


The Growth House is uniquely designed to the client's specifications. Installed inside a facility or stand-alone outside, insulated panel walls provide 24/7 containment of the environment and protection from outside elements and intrusions.



Drying Buds

High ventilation, low humidity, and slightly lower temperature are required during the drying stage to reduce the water content of cannabis buds, remove unwanted pigment and chlorophyll, and prevent mold formation.

Conviron’s line of walk-in rooms equipped with active dehumidification offer precise control of the drying environment, which is especially important for growers that adjust the rate of drying over time. With horizontal airflow for effective circulation and controlled drying, these mid-sized rooms can be configured for a variety of drying rack systems.

45-55% RH


Utility Light


Our higher capacity drying rooms are designed with downward airflow to provide uniformity of environmental conditions throughout the larger space.


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